Twitter – kieranjol

Github – kieranjol

Email – <kieran.o.leary> (AT) <gmail> (DOT) <com>

I do various jobs in the IFI Irish Film Archive in Dublin, Ireland. I work in the access department, but I also work a lot with digital files and tape. I also work with film, but less and less these days. I like performing quality control of video files and I’m very interested in using, supporting and even creating free open source software and scripts.

I like messing around with bash and python scripts in order to process digital media with the goal of preservation and access. I also like messing around with metadata extraction and transformation.

I also like coffee

and some sports

and films

and walking

and I used to like cycling and photography a lot

but I don’t do them as much anymore.

Here’s me in the Phoenix Park near some deer. This photo was taken with a 50mm 1.8 lens on 35mm Kodak Colorplus ISO 200 film. There’s something almost Geocities-esque about this!


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